About the Artist

Art is not my hobby; it is my lifetime passion. For as long as I can remember, I have always created designs and experimented with different materials. I obtained a degree in chemistry, which helps me better understand the nature of the materials I work with. I constantly dream of new ideas and projects. My hands are simply an extension of my creative energies. Doing this brings me great joy.

My creativity ranges from designing garments to creating original jewelry to painting unique artwork. All of my jewelry pieces are individually handcrafted. Materials I use include semi-precious stones, sterling silver, 14K gold-filled metal, and Swarovski Crystal.

When painting, I play with different colors and shapes. I found that acrylic paints can help me reveal my personal perceptions and experiences.

The beauty of nature inspires me. I also draw upon classic art and music for inspiration. Making my creations is what I love to do. I hope you feel that same emotion when you own my pieces.

- Laura Mazur

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